All the many things that make my Heart Happy

This is to be my first attempt at blogging, so please be patient as I try to learn what I am doing. I enjoy so many of the blogs on the net now, so I just want to show you some of the things that make my heart happy.

Just because I have to start somewhere, I will talk about my cat.  There is something so very special when you are owned by a cat.  Missy is a shorthaired tortoiseshell who looks like she’s always in dappled sunlight and moves with a slinky confidence I envy.  Like most cats she sleeps and naps throughout the day and night, but is quite insistent when she wants to go outside.  I’ve tried to keep her an inside cat, but she’s made her escapes so frequently that I’ve given in and occasionally let her outside.  I watch her progress as she follows her routine outside, and worry whenever I can’t see her, but that’s the way it is with family, and I do consider her family.  Don’t worry, she doesn’t displace my human family, and I do realize that pets are different, but the feeling is very close to the feeling when your children are exploring their world.  You know they may get hurt, and you know you will feel the hurt worse than they do, but for children at least, it’s part of helping them learn how to live in the world outside our own family circle.  I’ve borne five sons, and raised three of them to adulthood (the other two were raised by their loving stepmother).  I feel as though I bear the scars of every bump and bruise they’ve endured, and I feel the joy as they make their marks on the world outside.  And maybe this post isn’t about cats after all.